curcumin & cats claw


As I pick back over Sunday's supplements, I have come across a thread which says not to feed turmeric to IR horses. I am wondering if you feel this will be true with curcumin as well. I feed Sunday a 95% curcumin extract from PureBulk for his arthritis, & the potentiality that it might also help suppress his melanomas through its anti-inflammatory effects. But with his slightly higher insulin levels this year, I am wondering if it could be a culprit. I've changed up quite a few things, & his insulin is out of the danger zone, but still is not down as low as it once was.

I also just began giving him cats claw extract liquid a couple of weeks ago, which I feel has really helped his ease of movement. Does anyone know of any contraindication for using cats claw with IR, PPID or melanoma?  Thank you.
Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
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