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Thanks so much Sherry - I did try a search, but did not find much mentioning cats claw (lots of devils claw) - so I guess I was hoping someone would read this who knows off the top of their head if cats claw would be contraindicated in IR or PPID or melanomas. For instance I was feeding jiaogulan, but have stopped that due to tSunday's melanomas increasing growth & the potential that the jiaogulan, through that nitric oxide action or whatever is it's mode of action (sorry I can't keep all these terms straight - not a scientist!) is exacerbating the melanoma growth. Then I read Dr Kellon say that turmeric has been shown to increase insulin in some studies, but I was not sure if it is known if the extracted out curcumin is the culprit in the insulin increase, or if it is something else present in the turmeric compound that is doing that. I guess I can just discontinue the curcumin, but I do feel like it was helping his arthritis. And I don't want to cause a further spike in his insulin if the cats claw will do that - or accelerate the melanomas if something about the cats claw method of activity would affect that. Sigh. It is complicated dealing with so many issues at once in one being.
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