questions re weights, Stabul/Timothy Balancer/Beet pulp

Cassandra Reid

Question re weights:
Beshlakai weighs 1240, 1.5%=18.6 lbs.  Ideal weight is 1100 or 1150, 2% of that = 22 or 23 lbs.  
Negra weighs 1150, 1.5%=17.25 lb. Ideal weight is 1100, 2%=22 lbs
Galileo weighs 1100, 1.5%=16.5 lb.  Ideal weight is 950, 2%=19 lbs.  
So I should be feeding them the higher forage weights of 2% ideal body weight, correct?

If I go to the higher 2% amounts, Negra will struggle to eat that much grass hay.  I would be feeding her 4.75 lb more grass hay.  So I could substitute 2 lbs beet pulp (weighed before soaking) for 4 lbs hay, is that correct? (as long as 4 lbs hay is not more than 30% of her ration, which it is not)

How do Timothy balance cubes and Stabul 1 compare to beet pulp for gaining/maintaining weight?  I understand that Timothy balance cubes and Stabul 1 have vitamins and minerals, so if I fed my horses more of these, it would throw off the balancer the nutritionist is going to design for them.  Right now I'm just wondering about weight gain potential.

Thank you!

Cassandra in NM 2022

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