Re: What else to manage pain?

Lesley Bludworth

I get this is an old post.  I just joined in July.  My girls insulin was 250 or 350...I dont remember now.  Once on Metformin for 3 weeks it came down to 49 but she was still in a lot of pain.  I gave her 1000 mg CBD oil and that helped a lot and then I got some human trans micronized Resvatol.  That seemed to make a huge difference in her pain level.  She had been on Phytoquench, and J herb for a month and tried other things like Lamox but she stocked up really badly.
3 things I did around the same time.  Took her swimming, CBD oil and the resveratol.  after a week 1 stopped CBD and now at 2 weeks out from being horribly painful we just took a 20 min walk and she is on no pain meds except the DC that is in the Phytoquench.  I will have her insulin checked again soon.
The horse version of the Reservatol is not the trans version  although it is micronized, it is $5 a day.  The human version is about $3 a day.
I know the metformin is the key here in her insulin but something really helped break the pain cycle that was not the metformin.
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ
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