Hi Martha, 

I'm having a difficult time navigating through here :) 

I'm very new to all this am I'm just trying to figure things out. Thank you for taking the time to go back and read through my posts. When we first tested my mare in April of 2022 her insulin was above 200 uiu/ml but on her second done in August 2022 her insulin was 48. What medication do I need? my vet is saying he does not think I need any medication because she does not have PPID. I have uploaded my most recent timothy test and have stopped soaking her hay. 

Currently she is getting the following supplements once a day in the evenings:  2 scoops of Biotin 2% from Uckele, 1 scoop of Magnesium from Uckele, 1 teaspoon of jiaogulan, 2 teaspoons of beet pulp, with 1/4 scoop of chia seeds and a cup of Bermuda pellets. I give her the supplements once in the evenings an during the day she gets a total of three flakes of Timothy one at 5:30am, one around 8-9am, and another around 2:30pm all in hay bags. I also give her a flake at night with her supplements. Each flake is about 3lbs. 

How often do I need to test her Insulin and how do I know what the ideal weight is for my mare? I'm a little lost... :(
Ani in CA 2022

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