Starting J Herb - sudden improvement with APF Pro


Hello all-
Late yesterday the J-herb arrived for Salsa. He's been 'on again, off again' laminitic/ouchy feet for a year now.  ACTH last month on 1.5 prascend is 14.something - lowest it's ever been.
Vet and I talked Wednesday evening and he's willing to try metformin - he needed to check something and hasn't been here yet to draw blood - but in the meantime I've had an interesting development. 
On Monday (the 29th) I started giving Salsa about 6ml of APF Pro.  I figured why not - it won't hurt.   By Thursday Salsa is doing MUCH better on his feet.  Shockingly good.
I have been cutting back on the banamine (he was getting about 1.5ml of it most days).  Last dose (1ml) of Banamine was Thursday evening. 
I let him out - muzzled - Thursday and he TROTTED around - and looked good doing it - head up - no head bob - like he just felt good finally.
Yesterday I did not give him any banamine and he was still moving around nicely as of yesterday evening.   No telling how he will be moving when I go out this morning and he's not had any banamine.

I put 1/2 tsp of j-herb in his food yesterday evening JUST to see if the taste would put him off - didn't seem to.
Today I will start the j-herb on its own 20 minutes before food 2x a day.  If I need to - I'll syringe it.
Has anyone seen such drastic improvement on APF Pro?  With their feet/movement?  That really surprised me.

Also - Salsa is 23 - I'm going to start with 1/2 tsp, twice a day and watch his gum color - about how often should I increase the dose?  One of the pdfs in the Files section recommended this dose for an older horse - so that's why I chose it.  If I should start with different dose please let me know.

Tracy and Salsa
Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
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