Re: Pain Alternatives

Lesley Bludworth

I hope your horse is doing better!
I think the PC smells like poop. I hope you are having success with feeding it!
I had been syringing it after grinding it in my Vitamix.  I  cannot stand the smell of it, it just mixed with water and flax to give it some thickness when I syringe it  
I do not think there is any way my mare will ever eat this stuff!  But I can syringe it.  She is good with that. 
It did not help her pain tho,
I finally used CBD oil with her with very good success.  1000mg.  She is no longer getting anything for pain thank goodness but my boarders horse (PPID 30 years old) who has been on equinox for 2 years just had an accident and the vet put him on banamine but then he developed ulcers so now, off the NSAIDs and on Ulcerguard and I am giving him syringed Tylenol as he will not eat without it
I grind it in the vitamix with water and put 2 packs of stevia and a little apple sauce in and some J herb.  It is disgusting. and I have to hold his mouth and rub under his jaw to get him to swallow but he is 30 and in a lot of pain, not sweating, etc.   The tylenol seems to work well for him as about 15 min after giving it to him he will start to eat.  I am thankful for having something that gives him some relief.
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ
Sophie Case History 7/2022

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