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Lesley Bludworth

Dr Kellon,  
I had tried double dose with the PC even with an added a scoop of devil's claw for my mare.  
I really was desperate to give her some pain relief but I didn't see much change on it.  
The CBD oil is sold with how much is in 1 Ml I believe??  I got it from a smoke shop but when I went to the feed store, they had a bottle of 3000 mg per dose for horses. 1 ml of the 1000 mg worked well x 2 a day.   
I had a gelding with advanced navicular and a torn flexor tendon and the CBD (charlottes Web ) worked immediately in him, may have just made him feel more relaxed but he would instantly walk better.
I will try the PC with my boarder's horse but he is not the easy to syringe type.  I end up wearing it and much on the ground...If I get him to swallow half, I am lucky, and as I said, I do think the PC smells like poop so its not great to wear 🙂

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I just want to mention that dosing with PC pellets is very flexible. You can go to twice daily or even double dose twice daily.

Is that 1000 mg of actual CBD?

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