Sole Callus and nutrition questions


I think Mouse has a sole callus over where P3 would be located.  My vet wants it surgically removed and I believe that the corium is just below the surface due to thin sole on the RF.  I will load two new pictures if someone can guide us on this.  The vet and farrier come again Tues as he is still lame and uncomfortable due to the bump there on the sole.  He is on stall rest.  Diet questions:  Dr. Kellon balanced our hay we are currently feeding and as recommended put all of the horses on Equi-VM.  Do Mouse and Ryn (and the others as well) need additional magnesium, flax, salt, etc., if the hay has been balanced?  On emergency diet for the horses not on pasture they get flax, magnesium, salt, Vit E,  but do they need the extra if the hay has been balanced?  Thanks much.  
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