Re: Sole Callus and nutrition questions


Trisha, Maxine and Dr. Kellon, I agree with what is being said here.  My belief is that the callus is what is between P3 and dirt.  I think he is trying to protect his own hoof.  My vet is wondering if there is an abcess somewhere under there that needs to come out.  My take is that if it is an abcess, it will find a way out.  Mouse is barefoot and has always been barefoot except when this event first started, he was put in heartbar shoes on the front.  That clearly did not help.  He is now barefoot and in clogs and has been in clogs since 8/20.  The last xrays posted were from 2 weeks ago when he was in the hospital.  You can see the "bump" there as well as in the pics I posted yesterday.  I do have boots but he is not as comfortable in them as in the clogs but they (clogs) are casted on.  Not sure how to "pad" the boots or cut them out as that does not seem like it would work?  How do you get the foot in and not move the padding?  When we tried that it bunched up, which did'nt help?  Everyone here is trying the best we can to make him comfortable and I believe the group generally advises boots, but what do we do when he is not comfortable in boots? Does anyone have recommendations for what type of "pad" we can try in the boots?  We will take x-rays again tomorrow.  
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