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Ann Conn

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From: ann conn <stillhollowfarms@...>
Date: September 7, 2022 at 7:31:37 PM CDT
To: main+help@ecir.groups.io
Subject: PPID testing

Would a test labeled Plasma, Edta, ACTH Pre TRH response, sampled 07/22/2022, received 07/29/2022, finalized 08/01/2022 --sent to Cornell be reliable??  Since it took 7 days to get there and is TRH during the rise?
Asking for a friend who may have a case history for Captain Drifter, but someone else did it for her and we can't find it much less know how to add the test results.
Thank you,
Ann Conn
Azeem, 2016
Central Texas

Ann & Azeem
IR/PPID  2016
central Texas

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