Re: Pergolide Stability Concerns related to Shipping Temperatures

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Sally, thanks for raising this again. It has been sticking in the back of my mind. After the last thread on this, I did some searching on the site and ran across a recommendation (which I did not bookmark or write down) by a moderator to store pergolide capsules in the refrigerator, preferably in the door, put in an opaque bottle and protect from moisture. I have always kept it in the coolest spot in the barn (a shady feed room, buried down inside my barrel of tim. pellets), except when the temp inside seems like it'll get above high 70's in the feed room. Then I will bring home during heatwaves or put into a cooler at the barn, which is what I've done during the triple digit temps we've had the past 8 days. But after reading that post, I went ahead and moved my capsules to the door of the fridge. I added cotton balls to the RX bottle for insulation, and placed it inside of a small tupperware type container for (hopefully) additional protection. I also placed a small silica packet from another RX inside the bottle to help reduce any moisture.

Although I like the idea of overnight shipping and may look into MixLab per Dawn's suggestion, it seems to me that even if an RX goes overnight it could still be subject to extreme temperatures for 24 hours if not kept chilled or insulated. This is definitely an issue shipping from AZ (Avrio) to where I live in CA. As for condensation moisture per Martha's comment, Avrio puts the RX bottle inside of a zippered plastic bag, so hopefully this protects from any condensation coming off of the ice packs. And hopefully adding a silica packet to both the new RX bottle and the bottle with the 6-day supply that I keep at the barn will fend off moisture. So two questions remain (and maybe there is no perfect answer to either): what's the safest way to ship compounded pergolide capsules during extreme weather, and what's the best way to store them during extreme weather for those of us who board our horses and can't walk a single pill down from the temp-controlled house each day?
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