Fizzie Iris update and query about Ert..Flozin EMS drug

Mandy Charmam

Hello all 

Just to advise you last night we had to put Fizzie to sleep. While he was still perky in himself, he was in lots of pain and his most badly effected near fore hoof was detaching. I just couldn't bare seeing him in such pain any more. Thnak you all for the advice up to this point. 

On another note, Fizzie along with my Clydie X, Hengi, were put on the ert..flozin drug. It has hugely improved by clydie's weight and movement.

Last week though he came down with an infection (colic like symptoms with blood test that showed infection.). Apparently the vet said this is a side effect of the Ert.flozin and the vet then said to immediately take him off it. I am concerned that taking him off anything so rapidly may have other ill effects. The vet though says  its OK. I wanted to check whether this is the case. Hengi is still not 100 %. Having taken a course of intermuscular antibiotics, I am now giving him oral antibiotics. 

Any advice would be much appreciated.  I assumed you might have resources on Ert.floxin but I couldn't find any of them. 

Dr Kellon also suggested testing him for cushings, which I am yet to do. he has none of the curly, non-shedding hair symptoms but apparently they can have it withiout this. Any furtther comments on this woudl be appreciated.

warmest regards 

Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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