Re: stem cell patch

suzy zarek

All I am saying is all the herbs and diet have not worked.  What do you mean supplement is not appropriate? The mineral or the supplement I give to add the vitamin e and other herbs when I am giving. My case history does not show when I gave j herb and what not so it may look like I didn't try. 
I tried these other things before I felt I needed to to do pergolide. I am sure I waited to long. 
I just added the most recent blood work done in September.  All the vet wanted to do at this time was insulin and ACTH. If they are mixed together I don't know why. The case history form is difficult to navigate. The first block will not let me enter when I update so I have given up many times trying to update it but I really wanted to add this blood work. The first block acts like it is a photo and won't let me enter text.
I sent you, Dr Kellon an email with blood results and it should be the same as what I entered. 

Suzy. Nebraska. 2019
Case history
Case history

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