Several supplement questions

Ann Conn

-- Did Dr. Kellon suggest that Jiaogulan in combination with either lysine or lutein was possibly helpful 
with anhidrosis? Could someone guide me to information about that?
—I thought I had read that Dr. Kellon said to give Uckele powdered psyllium made into paste with water.
Is that true? I had always thought psyllium was to be dry, top-dressed on feed, so need advice.
—Is Elevate water soluble vitamin E very much better than oil filled gel caps?
—Is Equus psyllium fiber blend o.k. for IR/PPID horses?
Azeem seems to be recovering from a very disturbing period of hardly eating or drinking and periodic mild 
to moderate colic like laying down for fairly long times. He is 21+ years old, 15 hands, 830 lbs. or less on
weight tape.  He is back to eating a little, but still not a lot of hay, and he’s drinking again.
Thank you for all your help.

Ann & Azeem
IR/PPID  2016
central Texas

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