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Mikaela Tapuska

Kirsten, thank you. He really is an awesome little guy, I am so lucky to have him!

I didn't realize that about MB's ration balancing service, but I suppose considering it is free maybe it's not surprising. Yesterday evening I actually found out that the horses have started on the new hay for this year, so Zahr's been slowly transitioned over 2 weeks and is now back onto the brome grass mix - no more fescue in there! - he was on in 2021 (same field, new crop). I don't know where this one sits in terms of sugars, starch and protein yet but I would guess the mineral profile may be similar (high-ish iron, but not outside of "normal" values seen in most hay). Just waiting for a hay probe rental to be available in order to test it. He is off the Hoffman's and I'll get him started on the full 200g AT+.

Unfortunately we are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place for the walking exercise. He stiffens up way and loses muscle way too fast if I don't keep him moving (learned the hard way last summer when he was going through a rough patch, not walking made everything far worse). I feel bad asking him to walk when he is so sore, as I know that will not do his feet any favors while the trim is off... he still tries so hard. What has helped his arthritis the most is our in-hand work to get him moving and carrying himself correctly and I can usually get him to "lift" somewhat, easing concussion of the forelimbs, so I do try to keep that up at least a little bit. He is on Devil's Claw currently for the arthritis, too.

I have not cut out P3 support in his LF bot pad but I can definitely do that. Do you just cut out a little half moon shape in the pad? And I will give the hind wedges a shot, as you suggested.

We are just waiting to get ACTH values back. The clinic sends them out in batches and the window is anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, so hopefully it will be on the shorter side this time. But it is in the works and I will get those uploaded as soon as I hear from the vet. Thank you so much.

Mikaela Tapuska in Calgary AB, 2021

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