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Confession time - I adopted and 22 year old ex school horse that I knew had Cushings (no case history yet).  I thought long and hard because I was told that he was slightly lame.  Slowly changed his diet to what I feed my horses (IR diet) and waited another two weeks to have him tested.  He is not IR but definitely Cushings (937).  Started him on 1mg of pergolide, my farrier trimmed him and waited.  He shed out and I cant detect any lameness.  I usually test in October and will anxiously await the results.  I feel that 1mg is not adequate but need for my vet to tell me.  With the economy the way it is and the price of everything going up I really questioned what I committed to but I am really happy I did.  He will probably be a pasture ornament for the rest of his life but hopefully a happy pasture ornament.
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