Picky Pergolide Eater Checklist for my Donkey


Hello...  I looked through the "Files" hoping to find a list of suggestions for giving my Maisie Donkey her compounded Pergolide capsules, and did not find anything there.

I've needed to treat her extensively for some deep wounds on her left hock, and she has gotten very leery of many things, including my attempts to give her Pergolide inside a peanut shell, or in a handful of Stabul 1 as she has taken it for several years in the past.  She sniffs the pill in my hand and turns away.  Syringing is not a good option as she became an expert at holding a solution of unsweetened applesauce and Uniprim in her mouth for a long time, until I let her walk away, and she will then spit it out.  Thinking she would do likewise with Pergolide.

Wondering If flavoring is added at the time of compounding... does this change how the medication smells as well as tastes?

Hoping for some ideas to try as during the wound healing process in the Fall is not the time I want to lose control of her ACTH levels even more (she is now on a 2.5 MG dose).  I thank you very much.

Sally in Big Park, Arizona/April 2013





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