Adjusting pergolide when rise ends



My case histories are updated.  I increased pergolide for both Cadet and Ruger on 8/23/22 in response to ACTH levels run on 8/17/22.

Cadet ACTH 27.9 pg/mL (2-30), increased from 3.0 mg QD to 3.5 mg QD
Ruger ACTH 34.7 pg/mL (2-30), increased from 4.0 mg QD to 4.5 mg QD

Both horses are currently receiving a combination of compounded pergolide and Prascend.  Both horses are doing well clinically, although both drink and urinate excessively.  For Cadet, I know this is probably because he is on Invokana.  For Ruger, this is really the only clinical sign of PPID he is showing at this time.

My question regards what to do with their pergolide dosages when the rise is over.  I am leaning towards decreasing them both 0.5 mg around 12/1/22 and then retesting in January of 2023.  I would appreciate any input on my plan.  As always, I am indebted to this group for its help and advice!
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