Re: Triple Crown Safe Starch ?

Lesley Bludworth

Do you have anything else avaliable like Triple crown timothy balance cubes?
I don't think feeding the beet pulp is as important as having low starch low sugar in every bite.
my horses find the tc cubes irresistible and they have beet pulp in them already, and you could slowly introduce more bp if needed but it is high in calories, so if he needs to lose weight...?
The stabul grain has flavors that make it hard to know what a horse will like but some are better than others.
My mare won't touch the pepermint.
Hygain zero is a safe feed too and not flavored.
But soaked hay is better than beet pulp if you want to lower insulin... I'm pretty sure
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
Sophie TWH mare

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