Re: Interpret Hay Analysis + Switch Diet

Sherry Morse

Hi Jess,

If you're asking about the salt the recommendation is 1 - 2 oz per day.  Please review the emergency diet guidelines at DDT +E – Diet | ECIR Group, Inc. (  There's no reason to not just stop the Purina now and replace with an appropriate amount of beet pulp carrier.  I would make that switch and then add in other things so you know exactly what Clover is objecting to eating.  When you start adding in the other things do one at a time and in small increments so he has time to adjust to the taste.

As far as weight - at 14.1 I would expect Clover to be about 800 - 825lbs so if the vet says he's good at 816 that should be his ideal weight, not 850.  You don't want him to be over a 5 on the BCS scale.

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