Re: Stubby and pergolide information from vet

Nancy C

Hi Tony

So glad to hear the news about Stubby.  It sure makes all the hard work worthwhile. Congrats.

Back in 2017 we tested 30 pergolide caps for stability. Ten members donated the five caps needed. The efficacy was found to be >95%.

I'm assuming your vet got this info from EEG or BI, the makers of Prescend, but it even sounds a bit extreme for them. It might be interesting to ask her where this info came from.

I think your system for keeping the pergolide safe is a good one. I am not as tight with control as I could be, but my gelding's ACTH is just where I want it to be with 3 mg. We do not have temp extremes until January-February.

The bottom line is that testing Stubby will tell you if you PPID is controlled.

Good work.
Nancy C in NH
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