Re: Request for everyone using compounded pergolide


I have also been using Wedgewood and spoke to a pharmacist today. I had paid for expidited shipping, and then they shipped on FRiday, which means it's in the shipping system for 2 extra days, sort of defeating the idea of expidited shipping. So I called them to discuss. The pharmacist told me they have stability testing info but she would have to check with her regulatory department to see if they could send me that info. She also said they are not concerned about normal shipping times impacting the pergolide stability and routinely ship it around the country using standard delivery. She did say if it then spent a week in a hot mailbox (or something to that effect), there would be reason to be concerned about it's stability. And also said it should be good for 180 days stored at room temp. (I'm repeating what I was told to the best of my recollection)
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