Just started pergolide and horse won't eat anything


My 26 year old horse was just diagnosed with Cushing's a couple of weeks ago and put on a pergolide capsule as well as needed an antibiotic for an infection that my vet thought was related to the Cushing's issue.  He gave me Uniprim for that, which my horse always hates and there is no way no how you can diguise that for him and I had to contact my vet again and I had to give him Exceed injections instead, which the horse was fine with.  At first, my horse seemed to be doing pretty well  but then the middle of this week, my husband went to feed him and he was lethargic and disinterested in eating anything but he eventually got him to eat some alfalfa but not much.  The next day was similar but I eventually got him to eat more alfalfa than he ate the day before so yesterday, I called the vet and found out that my vet now only works Monday through Thursday with the office open on Fridays so people can buy things or board pets.  The assistants said they would try to call the vet and see what he thought that I should do but never evidently got in touch with him and so now I will need to wait until Monday to check with him.  I asked a horse group I am on in Facebook about what was going on and it would appear that my horse probably should have a dosage reduction and be slowly increased and this group was recommended as a place to get more information on helping me manage his PPID.  Since it is a capsule I am not sure if trying to split it open and half it would make sense (I just read a post on here that the pergolide becomes ineffective pretty quickly when exposed to oxygen).  My husband and I thought that maybe skipping his dose today (Saturday) would be a good option and then give him his capsule tomorrow and get with the vet on Monday to try to help the horse get through the weekend until I can get with the vet on Monday?  

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