locked Re: 1 inch hole haynets

Joy V

FWIW:  I was using hay nets for my horse.  Initially, I was giving him a bale in a slow feed net with 1 1/2" holes.  He was getting so much and go so fat, I double bagged the bale and that did slow him down.  But he would grab the bag with his teeth and slam it around to get hay to fall out.  He lost a molar, and I was afraid it was because of the nets, so I started weighing his meals and feeding without a net (also started weighing b/c he was fat w/ high insulin).  I decided to try netting his weighed meals to see if it would slow him down, so I used a 1" net, one time, and he lost another molar.  The tooth losses and the hay nets could be totally unrelated.  But it is something worth mentioning I feel.  If your horses don't grab the nets and fling them around to get the hay out faster, you may not have any problems.  I'm afraid to use them now.

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