Re: Moving My Cushings/IR horse to Dry Lot?

Kirsten Rasmussen

My personal experience with an EMS horse on pasture is that early stages of PPID made his EMS very difficult to manage, even after moving to a dry lot, until we started pergolide.  I would strongly advise moving your mare home.  Her May insulin was approaching a dangerous zone, and if her PPID ever gets away on you the effect on insulin could be enough to push her into laminitis even with a controlled diet.  Adding the Russian roulette of pasture to that is not advisable.  I'm sorry she shouldn't get to just be a horse on pasture, same as I am sorry my horse can't anymore either, but she can still be a horse.  If you have the time, I'd make a point of doing something with her everyday (walks, rides, training, attention/bathing/grooming), but especially getting her out of the small paddock as much as you can to explore, as that will add to her quality of life.

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