Re: Hay Analysis ok for IR horses

Nancy C

Hi Lori

You may have already heard that alfalfa can be a problem for our metabolic equines, even with low ESC and starch.

You don't need to worry about NSC, just the ESC and Starch which as you have seen are okay. Looks like a Wet Chem test ( aka #603) test, but even if NIR, it should be okay. We have found NIR carb tests can be off by 30%.

The major minerals are pretty good with elevated calcium, perhaps from the alfalfa. You will need phosphorous.  You don't need magnesium. Trace minerals will need copper and zinc to balance the iron.

The fiber fractions (ADF and NDF) look like this is nice hay. DE (calories) and protein are good.

Here's a post from Kirsten yesterday, with great review of evaluating hay.

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