Please comment on supplements: do they make sense?

Karin Sherbin

Thank you to all the volunteers who generously give of your time and knowledge!

My horse is free leased and while I updated the case history I don't have details on the supplements/feed, i.e. amounts. The lessor doesn't analyze the hay and instead has been supplementing free-range round bale hay and double rinsed beet pulp (Midwest Agri, no molassas):

Soaked alfalfa pellets (Blue Seal)
Mad Barn Amino Trace + (ration balancer)
Optimum (gastric support)
Pentosan (IM for joint support)

The horse has been much more active being free-leased than with being under my care. I couldn't ride him for a couple of years because he would buck and crow hop with me. Now he has tweens WTC him in lessons on the flat and with low-jumps. He looks good. (BTW I had done the protocol years ago of administering ulcer medicine to see if it made any difference in the bucking and crow-hopping: it didn't. Inky did seem to have back issues back then).

In September he developed a hoof abscess, which has since healed.

With the information provided, is it possible to comment on whether the lessor's supplementation seem reasonable? . She has been managing the horse for two years, and has been adding supplements until she reached the current combination.


Karin & Inky

Forest, VA


July 27, 2015

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