Re: Flame (on Invokana) fall labs- Dr. Kellon


Dr. Kellon, I just re-read your reply from 11/6, I though the entire reply was for Diana. Is this part for Flame- "We have had several horses whose insulin remained high but laminitis resolved. I'll take it. Only more exercise is likely to lower it but you should do a double test on the next pull, sending insulin to both BET and Cornell."? 

I do have a new feed question for Flame- I just bought a new batch of hay, had it analyzed & Nancy is working on balancing it for me. The nitrates in the new hay are 0.13% (0.36% was the old hay). Because they nitrates were so high, we were "diluting" the hay at each feeding with TC cubes (4# hay & 4# TC cubes twice a day). Since the nitrates in the new hay are lower, can I go back to feeding mostly hay & decreasing the TC cubes (8# hay twice a day & some cubes as a "snack"? 
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