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Trisha DePietro

Hi Erica. I reviewed your case history...ACTH is well controlled at 12.2. which is very good.  How much Prascend/pergolide are you giving Windy? 

I see she also has Free Fecal Water- as of June 2022- is this still occurring? If it is, Absorb all from Uckele should help to control it/resolve it.

As Dr. Kellon has said, a muscle biopsy is the best way to diagnose a muscle disease which, if she were positive, would explain the tying up syndrome. And there are strategies to help with muscle diseases- so it is manageable, but throwing strategies at a horse, without a clear diagnosis, can be very costly and frustrating. If Windy were mine- I would talk to my vet about a muscle biopsy, see what it entails, cost, etc.

Once you receive your mineral recipe - you can then send it to Horsetech or Uckele and they will make up the mineral mix for you. It will include a scoop for dosing. They will tell you how much of the mineral mix to give each day. The minerals are best given with what we call a "carrier". This can be Ontario Dehydrated cubes, Stabul 1, or Triple Crown Balanced timothy cubes. We use the smallest amount possible- its just enough (usually about a pound) dampened so the minerals stick to them.  The only thing you would need to add to the carrier, besides the Minerals, is salt 1-2 oz per day, And Vitamin E. You can use Emcelle or lots of folks use vitamin E capsules and just drop the capsules  into the carrier mix. Most horses will eat them.  I saw that you were asking about how to increase the phospherus...Dr. Gustafson will balance your minerals to the hay sample analysis and she will tell you what to do with the phosphorus. I believe you won't need to feed anything extra...but again...Dr. Gustafson will advise you on that piece. 

hang in there Erica. There is a ton of information on this forum.  At the top of this page, the main forum page, upper right corner is a search box. You can enter search words there and messages will pop up that you can review. It takes some time to read through things, but take one thing at a time.  it will all fall into place.  Windy is very fortunate to have an owner who is as involved as you are. 

Be sure you send your water results to Dr. Gustafson. It will be important for her to know the manganese level in your water. She can then adjust the minerals to off set the effects of the higher manganese. 

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