Re: Invokana urine output vs polydypsia/polyuria from PPID question

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Dr Kellon, last night Vinnie had a very strange episode. I arrived to him eating quite happily and went about my normal chores.  I noticed again that there qas quite a bit of urine output, from the damp shavings. All of a sudden He became restless and his respiration went thru the roof, and he broke a sweat clearly in some sort of pain.He was dropped at this point like he wants to urinate.  I wasn't sure if this was gas or?? So I texted my vet. Not febrile. We decided to give antispaz and banamine.  He urinated after about 3 to 5 mins and then he was fine. I presume this could have been a stone but that next on the list to investigate. 

He urinated a couple more times while I was there and I managed to get a quick free catch by putting a urine strip in the stream.

Any thoughts on what should be my next steps?

Thanks Nan
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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