Re: Bloodwork on soaked hay

Trisha DePietro

Hi Kimberly.I took a look at your case history and based on the information that is available there, I think you might want to draw an ACTH level. The last one I could see in your CH was June of 2022. And it looked fine. I don't see one that was drawn with your 10/17 Blood draw or 11/15 blood draw. Do you have ACTH's from those two draws?  During the seasonal rise, ALL horses get a spike in their ACTH levels. In the PPID horse, the ATCH can drive the insulin up. Sometimes we add more Prascend before the seasonal rise starts to ensure the ACTH levels remain mid teens to low 20's year round. It looks like Mouse only gets 1 mg prascend according to your CH....

Ryn, seems to be trending down in his insulin levels definitely going in the right direction. If he is comfortable, increasing his exercise will continue to bring that insulin down. 

As far as your hay- are you soaking for one hour in cold water or 30 minutes in hot water? Are you rinsing thoroughly before feeding? is there any way Ryn/Mouse can access the rinse water? If you are following these guidelines-  I don't think its your hay that is the problem. I think it might be the seasonal rise and your horse needs more Prascend during that time frame. 

I'm sorry, I don't understand the initials of HTMA- What type of testing does that stand for? 
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