Re: Sentinel Care Carb-Guard

Trisha DePietro

Hi Heidi. Have you read through this information? 
Here is a list of approved feeds. these companies test each batch of bagged feed to ensure less than 10% ESC/starch combined and low fat:  also 

Has the hay been analyzed? If yes, you can send the results to one of our balancers who can help you.     --  

I get so upset to hear when boarding facilities won't feed what the horse needs, especially when it is a medical condition that requires certain feed. I know it is time consuming for the staff to prepare hay/feeds. You could discuss with the barn manager what they can and can't do, what pieces you could do for prep and how to compensate them for the additional time needed to feed your horse.  You are overwelmed because this information is all new to you, you are swimming against a current of mainstream opinion and you don't know enough yet to defend your new understanding. We have all been there. Get your diet straightened out and it should all fall into place. Hang in there....

Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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