Re: Help for a rescue I don't seem to be able to correct


Pretty close to perfect, Lydia.  Just needs a bit of touching up.
Could you please export your doc file on your Mac to a pdf file and post that instead of the doc file.  Apple people, like me, can read the doc file but there are other reasons for the conversion, including space and protecting your file.

The link to you album isn’t active.  I can fix it on this post but you need to fix your signature.  Just press return after the link and then be sure to press “Save”.

From your case history, I would conclude as you did that she is neither IR nor PPID.  Quarter horses are rarely IR, although it must depend on their breeding a bit because we’ve run across quite a few who are.  She’s young, but not impossibly so, for PPID but her blood testing doesn’t suggest that either.

I have not looked at her photos yet but I would focus on improving her nutritional balance, including having her hay analyzed and balanced, adding a measured amount of salt to her diet as well as vitamin E.

edited to add:
I just now looked at the photo album.  Could please relabel the photos according to the protocol in the Wiki.  Go half way down the page for help with photos.  This will put them in chronological order as well as giving us some idea of what we are looking at.

Thank you!
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