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Lynda, Max & Ginger

Hi all,
Ginger is an 18 yo MFT mare whose last two draws showed abnormal (low 20s in May, low 40s late Sept) but not highly dangerous Insulin indicating  IR and possibly early PPID.  She has not been officially diagnosed with either so doesn’t have a CH yet, and I am waiting until the new system comes online to start one for her. 

I did create a photo album for her, and  have uploaded several hoof photos that I”m hoping are adequate for a general assessment of her current trim.  Sorry,  it started raining before I could get all the pics taken.  She is typically in full shoes except for a cycle or two in the winter and shoes were pulled and she was trimmedon Dec 27.  ( The chips and chunks have happened in the few days since and while it’s typical for her to have damage when barefoot, this seems a bit extreme even for her).   

 She has never showed any sign of being footsore and my Farrier tells me that her feet are healthy. She walks, gaits, and lopes easily and smoothly so there may be no problem at all, but to my eye, she seems pretty long and low.  I’ve asked my farrier if he could back her toes up a bit more but  he says her angles are good and isn’t inclined to change anything.  I uploaded the photos because the barefoot trimmer I use for one of my other horses will be out Friday, and If feedback from this group indicates Ginger’s feet could benefit from some editing, I’d  like to ask for her help while she’s here.  I’m guessing that my doing so may offend Ginger’s regular farrier, so I’d also really appreciate some suggestions on what I can say that might better communicate her needs to my farrier without alienating him.  

Thank you for any input you can provide


Lynda M
Northern CA
Jan 2022 
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