Very cold temperatures and colic


Both my horses are now gone but I’m trying to help a friend with her new horse. 16 yr old gelding who was taken to the vet after not eating and looking very listless.  After being treated by the vet for three days for possible colic he is only slowly getting better. Is still with the vet. We have had prolonged very cold temperatures that are often down near zero and rise only to the teens or low twenties. I suggested to my friend that she should consider adding table salt to his supplements to encourage her horse to drink more. He is normally in a stall with a very small run and because of the weather and other issues has rarely gotten out of his stall. I’m thinking it’s possible that was not drinking enough to push food through his system? Just asking for thoughts on this. 
Lynn McKechnie

N. California, May, 2011

Bodie photos:

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