Insulin in winter/cold weather - "normal" values?


Hello all - I am wondering if any studies have been done to determine what insulin values a controlled IR horse would expect to have in colder temperatures? Like at 40F or below freezing, or near 0F? And I am wondering as well if a well blanketed horse would have lower insulin than one that is dealing with that cold au naturel so to speak? This began occurring to me because this year for the first time Sunday became cold at temperatures in the teens F earlier this winter, even though he grew his usual thick teddy bear coat. I came out to feed in the AM early this winter when it was in the teens but dry, to find him shivering violently, which made me feel very bad! He probably had been without food for at least 8 hrs as he eats through his 8-9 lbs hay in 2-3 hrs. Since then I have been blanketing him when the temperature gets into the teens, & double blanketing him if nearer zero. Also I have been putting his waterproof blanket on if we expect snow, even though he always has access to his stall & in previous winters this would not have ever been necessary. I know PPID is progressive & we did have to increase his pergolide last spring/early summer. But juggling blankets is a difficult dilemma for me, as I leave for work when the temperature will be still very cold, but the afternoon temperature might be in the 40sF. I recently installed a dead bolt on a gate to an extension of his dry lot which I can open with my phone, so this makes his hay feedings much better for him as I can open that gate midday & just before I nod off at night, thus spreading out his eating better, as I have a slow feeder there to put 4-5 lbs of hay into. This might help him regulate his body temperature better, but I am wondering if anyone knows if it would still help to keep his insulin down more if I keep him blanketed regardless? I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your input!

Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
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