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Trisha DePietro

Hi Corina. The third test result, sample no: 29051220- has a comment of "sample soaked prior to so...." Was this soaked or not soaked? Hard to tell by the description... When sampling hay you want to get core samples of random hay bales through out the stack. I try to do at least 20 different bales. Then take your core samples and mix them in a brown paperbag. Then transfer the contents to your sample bag for equi analytical. That will give you your baseline. Depending on the results, you may not need to soak at all. IF you want to soak first...chose your soaking time and the water temp. You want to keep variables to a minimum. We recommend cold water for 60 minutes OR hot water for 30 minutes. 16 hours is not necessary and you can lose some nutrients and drive other items back into the hay...Here are our links to soaking hay and hay testing for your review: 

  Trisha DePietro
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