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Trisha DePietro

Hi Christine. It is an uphill climb when everyone around you has no concept of the IR diagnosis. Its hard, but that is why we are here :)  I did find a list of some vegetables you could try, BUT depending on how much of the minerals you are feeding, it still may overwhelm the very small safe amounts of the vegetables. Dr. Kellon wrote this piece really for folks who were having trouble not feeding "treats'" ...I know you are looking for vegetables, but within her article, she discusses other safe options. So, I thought you might find it helpful... Have you tried unmolassed beet pulp? Not sure if you can get it in Portugal....

The other thing people have tried, is the chaff leftover from the bottom of a bag of carrier or hay chaff....of course, add the minerals to it very slowly---Literally a pinch or even one or 2 grains...and see what happens. Hope this helps spark another idea for you.... 

I also added another article that helps you decide what is a safe feed vs not safe feed   --
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