Re: OK to let Quest walk around?

Lorna Cane

Hi Carly,

I'm going to take the liberty of repeating what Lesley has said here, because of its importance. The devil is in the details,and money can be saved by following them to the letter(or as much as possible).
Here is Lesley again:
"Hay testing and getting a custom mineral mix balanced specifically to the results sound difficult and they do come with a cost, but they are a fundamental part of getting Quest’s diet as tightly controlled as possible and absolutely worth the effort and investment it all takes.  Until you can get this in place you can use the Emergency Diet set out your Welcome Letter and the New Member Primer document.  Feeding an off-the-shelf mineral mix that hasn’t been balanced to tested hay probably isn't the best use of your funds, and you can offset the costs of hay testing and the custom-mixed minerals against the savings you’ll make by not buying off-the-shelf mineral/vitamin/supplement products that aren’t really doing much, and by not buying sets of shoes……  I know how horribly awkward it can feel to politely thank a professional and not comply with their view, but you know your horse and you’ve come to the right place to get as much information and support as you and Quest need."

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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