Standlee Teff Pellets and safe feeds list


Recently I made a post asking about Alfala vs. Timothy Pellets and got good answers about why I should not feed Alfalfa. 

Then I asked about stabul 1 vs. standlee Timothy pellets. Dr. Kellon suggested that the Timothy at times may be too high in S/S. 

On the facebook post about evaluating safe feeds I asked about stabul 1 vs. Standlee Teff pellets. And it was suggested that the Teff might be better since its S/S is lower than stabul 1. 

Everyone has said to feed as little of whatever carrier possible. Some have suggested that it should not matter which carrier I use too much because I am only feeding 1-2 lbs of it anyway. 

I feel like I have received conflicting information. I understand that Standlee's numbers are an average of several batches. Do we know if Stabul 1 does more frequent testing and therefore is actually safer? Why is stabul 1 on the safe feeds list and not Timothy or Teff pellets that show lower S/S on their tags? 

I just want to pick the feed that truly is the safest or lowest S/S carrier feed and I'm still feeling like I don't know what is the best option. 

Thanks for helping me understand better. 
Anna Warzecha, MI, 2022

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