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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Robin,

Thanks for moving your bloodwork files into their folder and labeling them with the month.  It would be very helpful if you could transfer the insulin, glucose and ACTH values to your Case History though, especially as time passes and you accumulate more details.  To do that, you need to locate the original word processing files (.doc or .pages) on your device, fill in those numbers etc, then save that as a pdf with the date in the file name (to distinguish it from the older version), and finally upload it and delete the old version from your Case History folder.

My impression is that Bree needs dietary changes to get her insulin down ASAP.  Anything above 80 uIU/ml puts her at risk for acute laminitis and founder.  The rye-alfalfa-timothy hay is borderline high at 9.7% ESC+starch, but you might find if you can get her off the rye grass and alfalfa that she can handle grass hay with ESC+starch up to 10%.  Can you look for a low sugar grass-only hay to try her on?  Maybe you can source some cheaply to try...see if anyone gas old gay you can buy (as long as it's not moldy).  Soaking alfalfa, too, can get kind of skungy so she could be objecting to that.

Based on your bloodwork and Case History I don't see anything suggestive of PPID.  I would hold off on Prascend and direct all your efforts towards diet and getting that insulin down.  If diet isn't enough, then we suggest first trying 30 mg/kg body weight of Metformin, 2x a day.

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