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He is not unsound due to his hooves( rest assured I am a retired equine physio therapist and. Equine podiatrist) It could be a dental issue as His teeth were in bad shape but there is only so much that can be done at one time and the Vet/ dentist is on top of it.
the unsoundness was there when I bought him. He has had every joint exrayed and ultrasounded. I hired 2 of the best sports vets and they cannot find the cause of lameness -which is on protraction of the right shoulder. It has been deemed to be a manifestation of gait abnormality due to undetermined cause or perhaps past injury. I have been told by both vets to ride and exercise him. Perhaps even LLD which I am determining still.
I also have had osteopaths and massage therapists work on him as well as he gets Laser and PEMF therapy.
He willingly does everything but I am still constantly keeping an eye out for more discomfort.
resting makes him worse and since he has no turnout other than the paddock attached to his stall. I get him out daily but it’s only an hour. He has lived in a stable for 15 years as a stallion and sadly does not even use his little turnout area. Resting him actually makes him crazy. I rested him for 3 months with only handwalking after I bought him in June.

I have not tried soy pellets  I don’t know if we can get them here and also he will not eat anything that is in pellets or soaked mash so that would not be helpful unfortunately right now I think I am doomed with the feeding until we can identify if it is coming from his teeth or not.
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