Re: Safe vegetables to feed

Lorna Cane

I sure know what you mean about spending money on items which will only be touched for a few days,or not at all.Fortunately SHP are on the low end of the price list,but still....
Maybe ,if you can find them locally,you could convince someone to sell a few pounds instead of 50.Or if you get some and he doesn't like them,don't assume he won't like them forever.Keep them around.
Don't bother answering me on this but just in case there are some items below which you haven't thought of trying,either to mix in or better yet to sprinkle on top of various supplements....wheat bran,peppermint tea or leaves,fenugreek, grated carrots(small amounts),cinnamon(spice or tea), applesauce,hay fines, ground alfalfa pellets(smalll amount)or tea,vanilla something,tea? When I was having issues ,and sick of throwing things out,I would introduce items alone ,and even on my hand or a plate maybe,containing only a touch of whatever it was.The spices especially are good to test before sprinkling on minerals because we know what a great sense of smell our ponies have.  This is time consuming,but would be heaven if you could find something you both agree on.
I make up my own minerals and am pretty sure I could make a paste, if I had to, with the trace and majors and selenium for each feed,which you were wondering about.
Onward and onward.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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