Re: Cadet update--is Invokana losing its effectiveness?


Thanks Dr. Kellon!

The time of testing varies, but this is probably the longest after his medication that I've checked it.  More often, it's within an hour or two of administration and the glucose has always been 500 mg/dL.  I'll try to get a sample later in the day.

I don't know how much hay he eats because he is with two other horses and fed free choice.  The hay is in 1 inch Hay Chix nets.  The DE of the hay he's been eating since August is 0.96 Mcal/lb.  He was transitioned to hay with DE of 0.85 Mcal/lb about 10 days ago.

Do you think muzzling him for 3-4 hours per day would facilitate weight loss, or is it too risky?

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