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Big Hugs! It can be so frustrating dealing with Cushings. Sometimes I
stare at my old girl and think "maybe I should just end it for her.." I
know that sounds terrible but it is just overwhelming sometimes. Of
course then she nickers at me and comes over and I cry and know I will
have to make that decision someday but hopefully not today. Use this
list for support when you need it- thats why we are here!
As for your horse- you might want to try Ester C. We use it as a
general immune system builder. Both of our horses are on it and we have
seen good results with it. Our Cushings mare continues to have good
health- except for this darn lameness problem. She heals well, doesn't
get run down, seems to be avoiding other systemic problems. Let me know
if you want more info on dosage etc. It does have to be Ester C not
regular C. We get ours in a powder and add it to the rest of her
"goodies" everyday.
Chris in CA

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