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Trisha DePietro

Hi Diana. Are you referring to the stabul 1 pellets that are listed in your case history as "forage pellets" or are you referring to Ontario Dehy  cubes? ( or Triple crown Timothy balance cubes?) or some other pelleted forage?  Here is a link I found here regarding soaking:   
1. If you are referring to soaked balanced timothy cubes--- During the winter months I don't worry about spoilage but if any is left behind from the previous meal I discard it. During weather above 50 degrees- I smell it and if it smells "off", sour or fermented- I discard it. You can as described in the link above soak and leave in a cooler at anytime or in a heated feed room to be fed later...
2.  We do not recommend extended periods of no food...4-6 hours is the limit recommended here.
3. The soaking hay times are accurate in that you want to reduce the sugar in the hay and that can be accomplished with 30 minutes in hot water, and 60 minutes in cold. So yes, they are accurate....When soaking the forage cubes- I don't soak to remove anything, I soak to expand them so they are not dry but are easily chewed.
Hope this helps.--
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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