Re: Safe feed for weight gain of PPID horse

Trisha DePietro

Hi Karen. It appears (from a previous post) that you were planning to stop the Pergolide around Feb its been a month....How are  his agressive behaviors? Any changes?

Have you had his ACTH, insulin and glucose retested? IF yes, please post it in your case history, so that we can continue to support you. 

Any  effects of the pergolide should be gone by now and keeping the weight on will be a challenge as Sherry and Kirsten have mentioned, because the PPID is not controlled. As you know, PPID is a disease process that does not get better with time, it gets quality of life for the horse becomes the next question. Everyone has their personal limits with their horses and their care.

If you chose not to treat, understand your horse will continue to spiral down with more and more problems in the future. Weight loss is just the beginning of the cascade of untreated PPID. 

Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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