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Makyla —

I never meant to imply that all veterinarian recommended supplements
would work on a Cushingoid horse. That's the biggest challenge with
this disease... it's insidious and affects each animal differently
due to unique physiology. Much of the treatment is trial and error.

I'm happy for you that ABC is donating your horse's Cushing's meds
for a year. However, would they do that if you weren't already
purchasing other products? My guess would be not. And what happens
when the year is up? What kind of monthly investment are you talking
about then? Forgive me for sounding skeptical, but I was really turned
off by their sales pitch, AND by the fact that Alice (the "Cushing's
expert") sent me a detailed dietary and care plan after for my horse
based on a 10-minute phone conversation.

Also, Alice came right out and said to me that "certain Morgan
bloodlines were definite Cushing's families" and even named a
stallion I once worked with who did NOT have Cushings (nor did any of
the offspring I knew). There is NO empirical data to validate that
claim, or that Cushing's is any more prevalent in Morgans than in
other breeds.

Sorry... don't mean to sound militant, but those kinds of claims
really do rub me the wrong way.

Paula Brown
Poland, ME

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