? about ABC?


I had gotten info from them about a year ago but my vet requested
on what was in their products and didn't recieve any except the
brochure they send out, so maybe will try again with them after a few
weeks of seeing what the permax does. Do they tell you what's in the
cushings supplement? and any results so far from the data?
That's good news about your boy. My horses have been barefoot for
years, the old one for about 12 years the 14 year old well, she was
born barefoot and stayed that way. I had a great farrier. My
cushings horse has not foundered yet, we had a couple of years trying
to diagnose her but I feel she's had this for at least 2 years. I
don't want to get into too much of a discussion about feet and think
people know what's best for their horses and barefoot won't work with
all of them and strasser's one to say that also but I feel that mine
have had healthy feet due to barefoot, frequent trimming, and living
out 24/7 in all weather on varied terrain. In all these years, no
founder or abcesses in either of them. Now with the cushings, I
my old horse may start experiencing some foot problems but I think
I'll try to maintian her barefoot if she does.

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